ISLAND DRIVER TV is a half-hour auto show airing on OC-16 (Oceanic Time-Warner cable channel 12). Insightful new car reviews are the basis of the show along with an informative auto maintenance segment and human interest stories about local folks and the cars they love! It has something for everyone interested in either purchasing a new car or just keeping up-to-date with Hawaii's automotive events and community.
Besides practicing law, host Ed Kemper has been involved with cars since he was a teenager. He has raced various sports and race cars with the Hawaii Region of the Sports Car of America Club in Hawaii. As the auto critic for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin for many years, Ed has tested and written about hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs.
TV BROADCAST SCHEDULE - Oceanic channel 12
Mondays - 9:00pm
New episodes air on Mondays every 2 weeks
Tuesdays - 3:00am & 2:30pm
Wednesdays - 7:30am & 11:30pm
Thursdays - 5:30am & 5:30pm
Fridays - 11:30am
Saturdays - 2:30pm
Episode #12-117 - September, 2016
Episode #226 - August, 2016
Episode #222 - June, 2016
Episode #218 - May, 2016
Episode #215 - March, 2016
Episode #214 - February, 2016
Episode #213 - February, 2016
Episode #212 - January, 2016
Episode #211 - January, 2016
Episode #218 Segment with Kevin Bloom - May 11, 2016
Episode #218 Segment featuring Kia K900 - April 12, 2016
2017 Kia Sportage - April 12, 2016
JN First Hawaiian Auto Show 2016 - March 23, 2016
Lava Lining Kanai - March 16, 2016
2016 Chevy Equinox - March 4, 2016
Mini - February 29, 2016
Kai Media WebVid TEST - February 18, 2016
Kia Rio - February 12, 2016
2016 Kia Optima - January 25, 2016
The video below was shot from the inside of a Mustang owned and driven by Osamu Manabe during the last Wheel-to-Wheel race at Hawaii Raceway Park. Just in front of Manabe was Ed Kemper in his Sports 2000.
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